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Al Roker, TV Personality

"Wow! Unbelievable! ... The Dayton Flyers Band!"

The Musial Performance

In Mid-November 2023, the Flyer Pep Band had the opportunity to receive the 2023 Stan Musial Award for Sportsmanship for stepping up and cheering for Fairleigh Dickinson University during their historic March Madness Run.  At the award show, the Flyer Pep Band had a show stopping performance that got everybody in the theater on their feet.  Watch the fun we had here and see what makes us, the best darn pep band in the land. 

Flyer Pep Band!

What Makes Us The Best Darn Pep Band In The Land?

To us, it's not just about making music. It's about making noise.

To us, it's not just about how we look, but who we represent.

Ask any member what it means to be a part of the Flyer Pep Band, and they will tell you it means to "Go Crazy or Go Home."

Living up to this motto for the past 40 years, we strive to break the boundaries of what it means to be a pep band.

And that's what makes us the best.

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