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Here are some common questions about the best pep band in the world.

What is the Flyer Pep Band?

The Flyer Pep Band is critically acclaimed, nationally renown pep band at the University of Dayton. The band has been supporting UD Athletics for generations and never fails to get the crowd full of Flyer spirit. From performing popular music, wearing a variety of outrageous hats, and going absolutely crazy, the Flyer Pep Band creates an atmosphere like no other in college basketball.

After all, we either go crazy or go home, and we don't go home.  

What games do you play?

The Flyer Pep Band performs at all Men's and Women's home basketball games and accompanies the teams on tournaments and neutral site games.   The band is split into two bands, the red and blue band, each band is responsible for playing at about half the games during the season.  During our most important games, the entire Flyer Pep Band will be there to cheer on our teams!

When does the season start and end?

For the 2023-24 season, auditions for the Flyer Pep Band are on September 17th at Fitz, and rehearsals the following week. Our first game is on October 22nd (exposition game vs Ohio State) and the season ends with March Madness. 

Is pep band a class?

Yes, pep band is a class. When registering for pep band, students at the University of Dayton must sign up for both the half credit fall class and the full credit spring class.  If you go over 18 credits to do so, there is no additional charge.  

I'm a Senior, can I still join the Flyer Pep Band?

Yes, we always say it's never too late to join the Flyer Pep Band.  We've seen everyone join the band from First Years to Fifth Year Seniors join us.  Even throughout the year, we are always excited to have you join us with the flyer pep band.  

How I go about joining the Flyer Pep Band?

Thats a great question. You can express your interest by clicking the form below, or emailing us at

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